The joyous time has arrived to remodel your kitchen! The new counter tops will be clean, the cabinets will finally be the style you’ve been waiting for, and that refrigerator will be so efficient you’ll forget about that old ‘70s avocado green refrigerator in no time. But before we can get to this final product, you have to endure a bit of time without your kitchen – one room that you truly use every day. How will you ever survive?

The trick is to start planning for your kitchen renovation way ahead of time. Amidst the preparation of remodeling, you’ll want to think about your temporary kitchen along with all of the fun decisions of your new dig.

If you have another sink in your home (maybe even in the garage) that is the place you should set up kitchen camp during the renovation. Ask your MicroFederal Solutions representative for ideas on makeshift cabinets to store some food away from the ground or typical garage dust. As far as storing pots and pans, we recommend clear containers for easy navigating and tight storage space.

Do you have a garage freezer or access to your freezer? Make large meals before the kitchen renovations begin and freeze them. Later, you can defrost single portions and heat them in the microwave for a quick, yet tasty, home cooked meal.

Remodeling your kitchen during the summer will be your best bet for continuing to enjoy great meals. Head to the backyard for some old fashioned grilling and picnic dinners. If you’d like to make a meal that still requires pots or pans, a quick trick for protecting your equipment is to rub bar soap on your kitchenware before placing it on the grill; it will make washing the black grill particles off a lot easier.

So don’t fret when it comes to a temporary kitchen while yours is being remodeled, and don’t wait to get started on your kitchen renovation in Washington DC this summer!