Home improvements in any Washington D.C. home will improve in value. Whether you choose to go all out and do a complete kitchen renovation or keep things more simple by replacing your front door, we’re your business! In our previous post, we gave you some easy home improvements that you’ll love. Here are some more you may want to invest in!

Attic Conversions

Convert your attic into usable square footage. If you have an attic that can be used as a room, make it one! Additional bedrooms can add about $45,000 to your home’s value. If you don’t have many bedrooms, or you could use an extra room for entertainment, an attic is the perfect place to create this space!

Minor or Major Kitchen Remodeling

Whether you want to install new cabinet faces, new hardware on your cabinets or completely revamp the entire kitchen, Micro Federal Solutions is the way to go. On average, you can increase your home’s initial investment by adding $55,000 to its value.

Call upon your local Washington D.C. experts for any remodeling and home improvement needs today!