The kitchen. The dining hall. The germ-infested galley. The cold cut motel. The squashed cupboards. The crumb-ridden floor. The crowded countertops harboring the overflow pantry cluttering the want-to-be gathering space for your family and friends. Ugh, the nightmare.

The kitchen. The food abode. The in-house canteen. The children’s mess hall. The decadent delivery place for all things nutritious and delicious. The spatula flipping and the whisk exhaustively whirling bring life to the miscellaneous ingredients hibernating comfortably behind cupboard doors and within chilled refrigeration.  Ah, the

Live the dream, not the nightmare. Kitchen renovations drastically improves the value of a home, especially in Washington D.C. Small improvements are affordable and still bring a return on investment that is generally apparent during large renovations. While large renovations are exhilarating and brand new, small renovations that focus on key features greatly improve the overall value and aesthetic appearance.

An exquisite paint job brightens the room. The clarity of freshly painted walls add an eager youthfulness to an old dreary space. Open, clean countertops provide the space necessary to properly prepare meals. Illuminating light brings the kitchen out of the dark ages and invites guests to stay. Upgrading the stove, dishwasher, and refrigerator to energy-efficient appliances puts some extra change in your coin purse and a fresh, environmentally friendly taste to your home’s Land of Sustenance. Create the food palace of your dreams. A well-lit, open, efficient, clean kitchen is an incredible feature for new homebuyers. MicroFederal Solutions can make your kitchen renovation dreams come true.