kicthencta2As life tends to do, sometimes the worst possible situation can occur. Some manner of accident or disease may take away your ability to access certain areas of your home. Older adults may encounter age-related challenges in which home accessibility becomes an issue. Any number of situations can necessitate home improvements, regardless of the unfortunate situation. Micro Federal Solutions can consult and compassionately advise those needing accessible renovations.

Wheelchair Access

A major concern with wheelchair access is, obviously, stairs and high cabinets. We have the creative experience necessary to custom design an entire wall of cabinets for ease of access. We can engineer an entire kitchen remodel around your needs. A disability is not a valid reason for compromise. If you can dream it, we can figure out how to make it! We may even be able to recommend solutions that you have never thought of! We have the experience to make it happen!

Uncompromising Quality

Upon consulting with Micro Federal Solutions it is our goal to provide you with a remodel or accessible retrofit of uncompromising quality. It is possible to modify existing infrastructure to provide ease of use, but why not let us create the custom space of your dreams. We have pages of testimonials that speak of the quality of our services. As we said before, if you can dream it we can try and make it happen. Don’t forget that we also offer handyman services! Call today for a consultation and let’s make your dream home a reality.