bathroom-slider1Previously, we have discussed a few of the important decisions facing retirees. Home improvement is an often overlooked portion of the retirement planning process. Retirees today are living longer than ever before; that being said, a person retiring at the age of 70 could conceivably live in their home for 20 or more years. Planning for longevity has a distinct benefit in the future. We explored the question as to whether your home would meet your needs for the next 20-25 years. Depending on your age, safety and convenience, upgrades may be worth considering.

Safety Features  

As we find ourselves thinking of the future it is necessary to consider that safety features might need to be explored. A bathroom remodel can include grab handles, specialized bathtubs and toilets. We can redesign spaces within your home to accommodate your needs. The kitchen is a space that can benefit from a redesign for ease of access. New cabinets with convenience features, such as slide-out organization, are a valuable upgrade to any kitchen.

Not only are safety and convenience features helpful for those who need them, but they can add value to your home as viable upgrades. Features such as touch-controlled faucets, self-flushing toilets and voice-activated lighting are desirable for any home. MicroFederal Solutions is ready to discuss your remodel and suggest the best course of action for your needs. Our creative designers can help you realize your unique vision or we can recommend custom features to compliment any home.