basement-image4Last time we discussed the advantages of pre-retirement remodeling and home improvements. As we explored last time, retirement planning is usually assumed to be strictly financial in nature. The fact of the matter is, planning your home around your retirement can save money and the hassle of doing it later. We discussed the empty nest and the improvements that can be made because of that situation, but what about the features you have always wanted in your home?

Planning For a Dream Home

Let’s say you have been in your home for 10-15 years and raised your children through that time. Your home is in great shape but may be in need of some upgrades. The remodeling process is the perfect opportunity to install the features that you wish your home always had. Common areas to upgrade are the bathroom and the kitchen. Haven’t you always wanted a bathtub with jets for your neck and a place to set your glass of wine? How about a heated floor in the bathroom to provide a cozy, comfortable feeling on cold D.C. mornings? The kitchen is a magnet for conversation. How many times have you found yourself talking with family or guests in the kitchen? The dream kitchen can include practical features such as adding additional oven or fun features such as creative utilization of space. MicroFederal Solutions can consult with you about your needs and design your retirement dream home. Please give us a call today and let us help you build your dream!