bathroomcta4Aging is inevitable. Baby boomers are retiring and are inundated every day with a battery of commercials touting the importance of retirement planning. It is a misconception that financial planning is the only planning that really needs to be considered. The fact of the matter is, home improvements are best completed before retirement.

Empty Nest

The likelihood of being almost finished with parenting in one’s sixties is extremely likely. The children are off to conquer the world, and you get to enjoy the grandkids when they come over. What better time to consider an upgrade for your home. Turn that basement bedroom into a yoga studio or a workout room. The grandkids may enjoy an updated playroom or a sleepover room with bunkbeds! Consider the value that your current space is providing and ask yourself some questions. What is it you have always wanted in a home? As your home sits now, will it meet your needs for the next 20-25 years? What are your plans for retirement and do they include keeping the home?

Depending on your answers to these questions, MicroFederal Solutions can guide you through your goals for your home. Let’s say that you have always wanted a dedicated music room. We can evaluate your vision and have the expertise to get the results you desire. I will continue our discussion about pre-retirement planning for your home in the future. If you are in the market for remodel services please give us a call and we can discuss your plans.