kicthenslide2revThe time may come in every home owner’s life when the writing is on the wall; well, hopefully not literally but we can help with that too. It may be time for an upgrade, job transfer, life change or the need for more (or less) space. Your home has served you well for years and now it is time for some much needed home improvements. The problem is, how do you maximize your return on your home? We all know that the housing market is enjoying a period of prosperity and selling your home probably will not be an issue but maximizing the value is important.

Remodel to sell

We discussed the retirement scenario and the upgrades that can be of benefit to the retiree. If your retirement plan involves downgrading your home, consider a remodel. Let’s say you plan on retiring in five years, the time is now to finish the basement, upgrade the bathroom or spruce up the dated kitchen. The big three of home remodeling – basement, bathroom, and kitchen – are the features that home buyers notice. Little details add value in ways that you never expected. For instance the most valuable upgrade that you can do to your home is a new front door, but maximizing usable space will also make an impact. MicroFederal Solutions has the experience and talent to deliver a quality remodel of your home. We can recommend any renovation or remodel plan for your specific situation. Our talented designers are ready to review your project. Call today for a consultation.