It’s TOOL TIME! Tim Allen, in the 1990s sitcom Home Improvement, had a knack for using power tools to create exactly what he wanted. Sure, it was a television show, but he had some great pointers, and man, that guy can dream. Since we can’t all have our own awesome TV show with a handyman to make all of our home improvement dreams come true, we’ll work together for our best solution.

You do the dreaming, we’ll do the building. Tim “The Toolman” Taylor breaks all standard boundaries with his home improvement dreams. In one episode he created “The Man’s Bathroom” full of stainless steel, a shower with four heads, a reclining toilet nicknamed “The Lazy Bowl” and to top it all off… a refrigerator and television so you don’t have to miss a minute of the big game.

Tim is always going above and beyond to bring “more power!” to each project. While we here at Micro Federal Solutions strive to keep everything safe, we are excited to help you with your dream home improvement here in Washington DC. Custom projects make our jobs a lot of fun, and you get the remodel of your dreams. Take it to the limits, and then push it a little further. Don’t be afraid to break the boundaries so you can have a recliner in your bathroom or a shower that is so relaxing you will never want to leave.

So it’s time to whip out your home improvement notebook and get to thinking about how you can make your home your dream place to never leave.