Upgrading your home is easy with quick DIY home improvements. Part 1 of this blog series explains the start of replacing the gateway to your home: your front door.

After you’ve measured and selected your new door, you need to remove the old one. With a hammer and nail, remove the hinge pins. Open your door and lift to remove. You may want to lay down a towel or other floor protector since the door will be heavy. If you’re interested in recycling, an old door is easily converted into a new workbench for the garage.

Once the old door is removed, the next step is preparing the frame for your new door. Depending on your new selection, you may need to replace your frame. No matter the case, ensure you have a sill that is acceptable as your home’s threshold. Ensure it will seal the door and is level.

The frame is ready, the sill is set, and now you’re ready to place your door in the gaping hole to your home. Apply caulk around the sides and top to secure the door from drafts. This will save you an exuberant amount of money in the long run. Shim the door jamb near the hinges, locks and top of the door to prevent sagging over time.

It’s almost the end of your door replacement! It’s time to screw in the hinges. Then, with the door installed, you add insulation and caulk to seal off all air gaps around the door. Finally, install new trim and caulk around to finish your home improvement project!

Installing a new front door is a great start to the rest of your home renovation. Now Micro Federal Solutions can work inside to make your home the 21st century modern DC abode.