The choices are endless when it comes to a bathroom renovation.  Counter tops, tile, showers, fixtures, lighting, so much to think about.  And where do you start?  This might the best time to call a professional. Someone who has the knowledge and expertise needed to do the job right and in good time.  They know the trending styles and can help you pick out the perfect materials depending on your likes, needs and budget. Choose a contractor after you’ve gotten a couple of bids for the project so you can compare them.  Also, make sure they are licensed remodeling contractors. You want your bathroom renovation to last for a good long while and something you will love for as long. So make sure that you do your research and let them know what kinds of materials you will want to use and check their references.  Choosing the right renovation contractor will make all difference in the world.

There are some great choices for counter tops these days.  Granite is a favorite along with quartz.  But there is some new choices also.  Tempered glass is thick, really tough, easily cleaned and comes in many colors.  Ceramic counters are virtually indestructible.  Ceramic is easy to clean, scratch resistant and cleans easily.  There is also a new material from Italy called nanotech matte material called Fenix NTM.  This material is anti-reflective, doesn’t show fingerprints and best of all is self-healing and soft to the touch.