The bathroom is an essential room in your home. Although it may not be the first place you show off to your friends and family, it’s a place where you want to feel comfortable. There’s many reasons for you to hang out in your bathroom: to do your business (of course), to bathe, to relax, to get ready, and to pamper yourself. With so many activities taking place in a small space, you’ll want to ensure your bath renovation suits your personality and style for your Washington D.C. home. So what does your bathroom color say about you? Or, rather, what do you want it to say about you?

Crisp Whitebathroomcta4

A classic, timeless choice is crisp white paint and fixtures. The bright color allows light to bounce around for a natural feel which is essential to getting ready. Is your life elegant and chic? Dress up the white with sophisticated lighting fixtures for a modern and contemporary feel. Feel like taking it to the beach instead? A hint of light blue in a white bathroom creates the feeling of the ocean lapping on the sandy beach.




Warm Tones bathroomcta3

Nature lovers tend to draw on browns, bronzes and golds for their bathroom. It shows compromise for genders while keeping it in style. A hint of masculinity with warm tile or wooden fixtures is a place to meet in the middle for new and old couples alike. Bronze fixtures are the latest trend for bath renovations, so you’re on the right track!




Contrasting Colors bathroomcta1

They say opposites attract, don’t they? This is true for bathroom remodels as well. Contrasting shades of paint should be paired with contrasting shapes as well. Do you like bright colors? Balance out the vibrance with a small, simple tile pattern in the shower. Opposites do attract, but balance keeps it afloat. You like to keep things fresh and funky – have fun!