It’s crazy to think that you’ll buy a home and then not provide it with home improvements. In Washington D.C., we are proud to offer affordable and high quality home improvements that are imperative to keeping your home highly valued. If you’re looking for some ideas on how to improve your home, catch up on our past blogs about some of the most valuable home improvements. Here are more home improvements you may want to look into.

Window Replacement

You may not even think about replacing your home’s current windows. Single pane windows will cause your home to lose heat in the winter time and let in hot air during summer months. Avoid a costly energy bill year round when you upgrade your home’s windows.

Finish the Basement

If you have a basement, it’s time to finish it! A finished basement can add around $50,000 to your initial investment. This only means that you can make some money when you decide to turn around and sell your home. Many see the extra space as a great guest bedroom or entertainment space. This is highly valued.

Bath Renovations

Bathroom remodeling doesn’t need to be as costly as you think. A midrange bath renovation could cost a few thousand dollars, but it’ll be a project that brings your home’s value up! Think about renovating the bathroom tiles, vanity, tub and/or toilet for the most value.

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