There are some decisions that should be made before you start any renovation.  A good builder can talk you through the list of situations that might come up on your job, but decisions about situations aren’t usually what cause delays. Most of the issues that delay your project are related to decisions about faucet selections, paint and trim. As menial as these may seem, completion can really be delayed if the newly picked out faucet is not in for 2 or 3 weeks.  Plumbers will have to rescheduled and maybe the new faucet doesn’t fit just right so that causes another problem and it just escalates from there.  It’s inevitable that you’ll change your mind about something on your project but know that every time you change your mind, it results in a change order and everyone involved with the project will have to make adjustments.  Another thing to consider is to let the contractor buy the materials.  He gets a better price for them and passes the savings on to you.  So even though you think you might be saving money by buying it yourself it’s probably cheaper to have the contractor buy it.

Some other really good advice is to set some time away from home while your bathroom or kitchen renovation is being done.  Renovations can be very messy with people coming in and out trying to get things done.  You will be coming home to a messy and stressful construction site until the job is done no matter how clean and orderly the construction crew is.  This can wear on you even though you’re excited about the progress.  Try to have a place in your home you can go to after work that is clean and relaxing during the process. You will be glad you did.