Save money in the long run when you make energy efficient choices during the bath renovation of your lovely home in Washington D.C. When it comes to home renovations, a simple place to start is the bathroom. While it’s nothing major (although can be transformed into a palace for the throne), a bathroom showcases exquisite detail at the individual level. Whether you are looking for a complete remodel or some fine-tuning renovations, Micro Federal Solutions has some tips to make this room one of the most energy efficient places in your home.

Water. Can’t live without it, that’s for sure, and the bathroom is one place where water is used quite frequently. The three tools in the bathroom use water. The shower cleanses you from a hot day at work, the toilet takes care of all your business, and the sink washes away the germs and toothpaste. With so much use, choosing utilities that are high-efficient water use will save you money. Upfront, energy efficient choices are difficult to make due to a higher price tag. However, the long-run study shows significant savings, not to mention you’re caring for Mother Nature.


A new concept emerging in the scene is an enclosed shower stall. Instead of having a shower head come directly out of the wall and a door or curtain hiding you from the rest of your bathroom, the new style is a fully enclosed cubby with a shower head (an energy efficient one, of course) emerging through insulated walls. In a standard shower, the air flow above and through the curtain or door greatly decreases the temperature of your shower which causes you to turn it hotter and use more energy. With the enclosed, insulated shower, you eliminate excess air flow while warming the shower walls. This combination allows you to stream the water at a lower temperature because it is trapped in the shower giving you a warmer overall experience.

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