Movie tickets in Washington DC are outrageously expensive. $17.00 for one adult and $14.00 for your children. A movie night for a family of four is at least $62.00 not to mention the delicious popcorn and other goodies that are sure to add another $20.00. If you saw one movie every week, you would spend over $3,000 just in movie tickets alone. Wouldn’t you rather spend that money on a basement renovation for a home theater? I sure would.

With a home theater, you can watch movies every night of the week with theater quality and sound. There’s also no limitation to the hip new movies on the queue. You can watch the Redskins every week or your favorite classics.

The essentials for remodeling your basement in Washington DC include a great screen, comfy furniture and surround sound. Micro Federal Solutions is ready to give you the theater experience you deserve.

Before your basement renovation begins, you must mentally prepare yourself for the truly awesome experience that is at the other end of the tunnel. Imagine yourself cozying up in stadium leveled recliners with built in cup holders and a spot for your popcorn. Maybe there’s a cedar chest in the corner holding your blankets that you can’t take in to the public theater. The speakers are installed into the walls all around to give you that surround sound and bring you right into the show. Ultimately, the screen is what matters most. A large projector works wonders. Technology is rapidly growing, so home projectors are relatively affordable and can take your basement renovation to the next level.

It’s time to stop dreaming and make this basement theater remodel a reality. Home theater, here you come!