Unmatched quality. Tireless integrity. Communication that is a level above the rest.

Micro Federal Solutions has been helping families remodel and restore homes since 2006, providing a quality you’ll have to see to believe and an integrity that earns our clients’ respect from start to finish.

Started in 2006 by Brandon Adams, a Washington DC native, we know the area and we understand what it takes to remodel within property codes, what will increase the value of your home, and what the perfect materials and techniques will be for the area. In this way, you get beautiful restorations that are also durable and functional, providing you with an all-around project that will exceed your expectations for years to come.

Our team has an eye for detail and a passion for the entire home that will allow us to transform any space without forgetting how it fits inside the house.

We always believe customer service is king. Over a decade in the industry, and we still believe that communication with our clients should come first and foremost, discussing with them, understanding them, and allowing them the opportunity to voice their concerns. Over the years, the smartphone and web apps have allowed this process to become simpler, and we encourage our clients to use the technology at their fingertips.

We are proud of our staff, and we do our best to keep our work on-staff to ensure consistency and a high quality. By attending trainings with manufacturers, we are able to be certified in a variety of installation processes so we can truly provide the best service to every client. A professional designer available for custom kitchen cabinets and referrals from architects in Washington DC, Micro Federal Solutions can transform your dreams into a reality.

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